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Sept. 2, 2009

This Week’s Green Supply Chain by the Numbers – China Energy Efficiency, Tracking CO2, Dupont Adds Staff, More AFVs for Aramark


China Likely to Reach Ambitious Goals for Energy Intensity in Manufacturing; Aramark Adds 50 New Green Trucks; DuPont Ups Number of Product Lifecycle Trackers; Do 20% of Companies Really Monitor CO2 in Real Time?


By SCDigest Editorial Staff



The number of companies that claim they are collecting carbon emissions data from their enterprises in near real-time, according to a new study from IBM. We think that number seems a bit high.




The number of alternative fuel vehicles that Aramark Uniform and Career Apparel, Inc., is adding to its fleet, the 11th largest private fleet in the US. The new trucks are powered by a hybrid driving battery and an energy-compliant diesel engine. The battery recharges with brake use. The investment was supported in part by a government grant.


The goal for reduction in “energy intensity” in Chinese manufacturing between 2005 and 2010, as set by the government there, as noted in a new report, China’s Clean Revolution II, from the Climate Group.  That goal is expected to be reached, and will save 240 million “tons of coal equivalent.”


The size of the internal group that does lifecycle environmental impact assessments at chemical maker DuPont, up from three in 2004, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal this week. is now Twittering! Follow us at


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