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August 08, 2018

Green Supply Chain News: Iconic Blue Jeans Maker Levi’s Goes Big Time Green
Goal of 40% Reduction in CO2 from Supply Chain May be Most Aggressive Ever

Topics: Green Sourcing | Green supply chain | GREEN_WEB | Manufacturing


July 18, 2018

Green Supply Chain News: A Review of the BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2018
Energy Consumption Up, as Greenhouse Gas Emissions also Back on the Rise



July 03, 2018

Green Supply Chain News: American CEO Says Corporate Social Responsibility is Dead, Time to Focus on True Sustainability
Hugh Welsh of DSM North American Says We are at the Dawn of the Era of Sustainability As Strategy

Topics: GREEN_WEB | Supply chain thought leadership


June 20, 2018

Green Supply Chain News: UPS Adding More Natural Gas Trucks to Its Fleet
Move will Help UP Meet Carbon Emissions Goals, but Rising Diesel Prices Make Investment more Financially Attractive as Well

Topics: GREEN_WEB | Parcel shipping/parcel systems


June 05, 2018

Uncertainty Over New IMO Rules for Ocean Carrier Emissions, but One Thing is Clear: Shipping Costs are Headed Up
Whether it is Higher Fuel Prices or Investment in Expensive Scrubbers, Carrier Operating Costs are Headed Higher

Topics: Global logistics | Global supply chain | Green supply chain | Logistics costs | Logistics | Ocean carriers


May 14, 2018

Supply Chain Newsmakers Video Series:Dr. Yossi Sheffi of MIT on "Balancing Green"
Sheffi offers Highlights of his New Book in Great Interview with SCDigest Editor Dan Gilmore

Topics: Green supply chain | Supply chain thought leadership


May 03, 2018

Green Supply Chain News: Highlight from Apple's 2018 Supplier Responsibility Report
Ambitions and Programs Again Go Far Beyond Usual Scope of Sustainability

Topics: Green supply chain


April 17, 2018

Green Supply Chain News: Sweden Makes Bold Push for Green Vehicles by Electrifying Country's Highways
System Uses Powered Track that Charges Cars and Trucks as They Travel, with Goal to Convert all 20,000 Kilometers of the Major Highways in Sweden

Topics: Green supply chain


March 26, 2018

Green Supply Chain News: In Rather Amazing Announcement, UPS UK Says it will Soon Go All-Electric Vehicles in Central London
Beginning of the End of Combustion Engines, UPS Says, Announcing Breakthrough in Charging Technology

Topics: Green supply chain | Parcel shipping/parcel systems | Transportation


March 13, 2018

Green Supply Chain News: A Middle-Ground, More Positive View on the Impact of Climate Change
Two eco-Pundits Say Impact will be Signifcant but Can be Managed - by Human Ingenuity

Topics: Global supply chain

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