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February 04, 2020

Green Supply Chain News: Increased External Focus on Sustainability at Amazon, but will Consumers Live with Slower Deliveries?
Amazon Pledges Coming Carbon Neutrality, but Some Employees and Environmentalists Says Not Fast Enough

Topics: GREEN_WEB | Parcel shipping/parcel systems


January 22, 2020

Green Supply Chain News: Nestle Faces Challenges in Removing Plastics from Its Packaging
Plastics Touching Food have Special Requirements, while Recyclable Market Barely Exists

Topics: GREEN_WEB | Packaging


January 08, 2020

Green Supply Chain News: December UN Climate Summit Ends with Even more of a Whimper than Usual
No Agreement on Any Major Issue, Pushed to the 2020 Summit amid Strong Criticism from Environmentalists

Topics: Green and Government | GREEN_WEB


December 11, 2019

Green Supply Chain News: Lego Continues to Pursue Eco Friendly Materials for Its Iconic Toy Bricks
Some Progress, but there are Big Performance Challenges to Meet 2030 Goal to Replace All New ABS Plastics

Topics: Green and Manufacturing | Green Manufacturing | GREEN_WEB


November 26, 2019

Green Supply Chain News: UN Says Time is about Out to Save the Planet
Hitting Target for Rising Temperatures will Require Massive Reduction in CO2 Emissions Right Now

Topics: Green and Government | GREEN_WEB


November 12, 2019

Green Supply Chain News: What are the top Green Trucking Fleets for 2019?
Interesting Activities from the Carriers and Fleets in the Annual List from Heavy Duty Trucking Magazine

Topics: Green Logistics | GREEN_WEB | Trucking


October 23, 2019

Green Supply Chain News: Ranks 45 Apparel Companies on Carbon Emissions
Progress not Nearly Enough, Report Says, as it again Provides Its Filthy Fashion Scorecard

Topics: Consumer goods industry supply chain | Green Sourcing | Green supply chain | GREEN_WEB


October 10, 2019

Green Supply Chain News: Cargo Shipping Hopes to Reduce CO2 Emissions Dramatically, but How to Get There is Far from Clear
IMO Targets 50% Reduction by 2050, but What Fuels will Really Work to Replace Oil?

Topics: GREEN_WEB | Ocean carriers


September 23, 2019

Green Supply Chain News: Amazon Announces Aggressive New Environmental Plan, but Thousands of Employees Protest Anyway
Amazon Acquiring 100,000 Electric Delivery Trucks from Rivian by 2024, but Employees Protest Anyway

Topics: | Green Logistics | Green supply chain | GREEN_WEB | Trucking


August 28, 2019

Green Supply Chain News: Remembering Warehouseman Richard Murphy and His Practical Green Distribution Perspective
Murphy Passes Away in July, Won SCDigest’s Presentation of the Year in 2013

Topics: Green Logistics | GREEN_WEB

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